What Are Some Methods for Removing Dog Skin Tags?


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Natural methods for removing skin tags on dogs include applying iodine or apple cider once a day with a cotton ball or cotton swab, according to Skintagsondogs.net. Since most skin tags are harmless, Vetinfo.com strongly suggests consulting a veterinarian before taking any action.

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Skin tags are excessive growths of skin cells, usually located in areas where the skin folds. Some of them are only a few millimeters wide, while others can grow to about the size of a grape. Most of them are benign, although it's best to check with a veterinarian to make sure, especially if there is pain or signs of infection, according to the National Canine Cancer Foundation. The larger skin tags are the type that tend to cause the most discomfort to dogs.

Skin tags may appear similar to symptoms of skin cancer in dogs. However, the skin cancer is usually accompanied by liquid discharge, which is usually absent in skin tags, according to Vetinfo. Veterinarians caution against removing skin tags without their consultations, since attempts to do so may cause infections and bleeding when performed improperly.

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