What Are Some Methods for Removing Bee Hives?


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The best way to remove bee hives is to enlist the help of a beekeeper to remove the hives and the bees safely. Because of concern over declining honey bee populations, insecticides are not recommended for honey bee control.

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It is possible to prevent bees from establishing hives in unwanted areas. Before creating a hive, a bee colony is present in a swarm or swarm cluster. Swarms consist of a queen bee and half of the workers from an old hive. Some bees scout new locations for a hive, and when a suitable spot is found, the bees move in. A beekeeper is often able to remove a swarm by gathering the bees into a box or other container and moving them to a new location.

If a hive is already established, a beekeeper can carefully remove the combs and the bees with them for relocation to a new area. A bee colony inside the walls of a home is trickier and usually involves removing sections of wall in order to remove the hive. It is also possible to install one-way screens that allow bees to exit but re-enter. With this method, a new beehive is placed next to the bees' entrance to contain them.

Pesticides are another option for bee removal. However, the possible role of neonicotinoid pesticides in honey bee declines makes this a less desirable option.

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