Where Have There Been Megalodon Sightings?


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Since the species has been extinct for approximately 2 million years, there has never been a megalodon sighting by a human within recorded history. However, a 2013 television show that purported to show footage of live megalodon sharks has been the source of controversy and confusion.

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Megalodon, also known as Carcharodon megalodon, was an enormous species of prehistoric shark. Similar in form to a modern great white, they were more than twice the size, with scientists estimating they grew to between 40 and 70 feet in length.

Megalodon went extinct well before the earliest known forms of writing, and there are no reputable reports of a single megalodon sighting, as of 2015. However, in 2013, the Discovery Channel aired a show that presented itself as a documentary of living megalodon sharks. The show, and its 2014 sequel, are entirely fictional.

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