What Are Some Facts About the Megalodon Shark?

What Are Some Facts About the Megalodon Shark?

The megalodon shark grew to be between 45 and 60 feet long and scientists believe it was the largest prehistoric shark to have ever lived. The name "megalodon" means "big tooth" and its teeth grew to be around 7 inches long.

Other names oft he megalodon include giant white shark and monster shark. Paleontologists speculate that this giant animal lived somewhere around 1.5 million years ago, but no one knows why it went extinct, although theories abound.

The megalodon first came into existence between 25 million and 28 million years ago. the large fossils proved this beast had jaws that were close to 10 feet across and this species lived in warm coastal waters and was large enough to be a fearsome predator to anything swimming in its path.

Like today's sharks, the megalodon could replace broken teeth several times within its lifetime. This ability not only replaced broken or missing teeth, but also replaced worn down teeth with razor-sharp replacements.

Scientists believe that baby megalodons were born measuring between 6 and 11 feet long, which is longer than some species of adult sharks living today. Despite being giants in the ocean, the megalodon eventually went extinct. The most common theory to their extinction is that the ocean water cooled and other environmental changes took place that the megalodon could not keep up with, and they eventually died out.