How Do You Measure a Western Saddle?


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To measure a saddle seat, place it on a stand, identify the gullet and cantle, and measure the seat with a measuring tape or ruler. Seat size is measured in a straight line from the stitching of the cantle to the top of the gullet.

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  1. Place the saddle on a stand

    Secure the saddle on a saddle rack or stand for measurement. Do not attempt to measure a saddle while attached to a horse.

  2. Identify the gullet and cantle

    The top of the gullet is just above the hole in the front portion of the seat, behind the saddle horn. The cantle is the back raised section of the saddle seat where the lower back and buttocks make contact.

  3. Use a ruler or rigid measuring tape

    Place one end of the measuring device at the top of the gullet, and measure to the stitched portion of the back of the cantle. It is important to measure the distance in a straight line. A common mistake is measuring along the outline of the actual saddle seat, causing an inaccurate measurement.

  4. Obtain the proper measurement

    Once the measuring device is in place, note the distance in inches. Common adult sizes range from 14 to 18 inches.

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