What Are the Meanings of Some Female Dog Names?


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The common female dog name Bella means beautiful, whereas Lucy is a word with Latin origins that means light and learning. Many owners also name their dogs Bailey, which means Bailiff.

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What Are the Meanings of Some Female Dog Names?
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Owners with quiet, loving dogs that like to sleep typically name their dogs Daisy, which means "day's eye." Lots of dogs named Molly are gentle, easy to trust and attractive, and their name holds the meaning "virgin mother of Christ." Chloe originates from a Greek word that means Greek shoot or fresh, young blossom. Owners of large, loyal and carefree dogs often choose this name.

Dogs named Sophie are generally playful and creative, and their name represents wisdom. Another popular female dog name is Sadie, which means princess. Dogs named Sadie are mostly kind, sweet and intuitive. Lily is a suitable name for white dogs, as it symbolizes purity. The name comes from the Latin word lilium.

Originating from a French term, Coco means brash, and it's a great name for dogs with brown fur, especially small ones. Maggie comes from the Greek word Margaret, which means a pearl. It's a fitting name for dogs that demonstrate a happy behavior and prefer to frolic with their owners than other dogs. Energetic dogs with nimble movements are fit to have the name Gracie, a word of Latin origin that means faithful.

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