What Materials Are Needed to Build a Pigeon Coop?

What Materials Are Needed to Build a Pigeon Coop?

While all homemade pigeon coops vary, general materials required to build a pigeon loft include wood, concrete, screens and some form of bedding for warmth in cooler months. Additionally, builders will need tools, screws or nailsand the like to complete the project.

Pigeon coops are built similarly to chicken coops, generally with two rooms to keep males and female separated during the winter so as to keep them from mating until spring. Come spring, the rooms can be used to keep mating couples in one and young in the other.

Each room should offer each pigeon plenty of space. This helps keep the birds comfortable and reduces the chance of disease spreading throughout the coop. The floor of the coop should be durable and easy to clean. Many builders opt for smooth wood or concrete floors. Some use screens for added ventilation.

Some builders choose to utilize plastic or vinyl attachments for additions such as awnings. Keepers that allow their pigeons to fly free require some form on landing board. Mating pigeons require nest boxes, and many builders opt to include various perches, generally made from wood, to offer their birds more comfort.

While most people keep pigeons as a hobby, some breed and raise them for meat as one would chickens.