How Many Teeth Does a Sand Tiger Shark Have?


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Sand tiger sharks have 44 to 48 upper teeth and 41 to 46 lower teeth, so they can have anywhere from 85 to 94 teeth in total. The front teeth are long and jagged and can be seen even when the shark's mouth is shut. Many of the sand tiger shark's teeth are small and are located in the back corners of its mouth.

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The sand tiger shark, also known as the "ragged tooth" shark, typically swims with its mouth open displaying three rows of long, jagged teeth. When the shark shuts its mouth, its teeth appear to protrude at different angles, giving it its characteristically fierce aspect. Its second upper anterior teeth are around 23 millimeters long and 13 millimeters wide, while its first lower anterior teeth are 13.5 millimeters long and 2.5 millimeters wide. These teeth are smooth-edged but sharp.

While these sharks have powerful jaws and a lot of long, sharp teeth, they do not usually attack humans, but rather prefer using their teeth to prey on a variety of fish. These sharks constantly lose and grow new teeth. A sand tiger shark goes through around 1,000 teeth a year and up to 30,000 teeth during its lifespan.

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