How Many Teeth Do Lions Have?


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Lions have a total of 30 teeth, including incisors, canines, premolars and molars. Lions have extremely sharp teeth and are able to open their jaws to approximately 4 inches wide.

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How Many Teeth Do Lions Have?
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Lions have one of the biggest bites in the animal kingdom. In addition to the size of their teeth, they can bite down with 690 pounds of force. Being carnivores, their dental features are designed for eating meat. The lions' smallest teeth, the incisors, are located at the front of their mouths. Incisors are designed to help the lion grip the meat and tear it off of the carcass. Lions also have four canines at the front of their mouths. These are the largest kinds of teeth that lions have at 2.75 inches long. Canines help lions pierce and rip off pieces of meat. Lions have very sharp teeth at the back of their mouth that are classified as carnassials. These kinds of teeth help lions cut meat just like a pair of scissors, and they are also referred to as molars and premolars.

Lions, like other animals, have developed their dental features out of an adaptation to their environment. Lions are hunters and meat eaters. Because of this, they have evolved to grow teeth that are specifically designed for quickly killing their prey and consuming them with ease.

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