How Many Tail Feathers Does a Peacock Have?

A fully grown male peacock will have around 200 tail feathers, with roughly 150 of these tail feathers being the well-known eye-patterned variety. The colorful fan pattern male peacocks display is related to attracting a mate because the more vibrant and colorful the display, the more attractive the male is to the female.

Peacocks are actually called peafowl, with the technical term for the male being peacock. Female peafowl are called peahens.

There are three main species of peacock, with the most famous being the blue peacock, originally native to India. The green peacock is native to Burma. There is also a lesser known species that resides in the Congo.

Due to the fact that peacocks are so visually striking, they have been kept and bred by humans for thousands of years. This breeding has led to many eye-catching color combinations.

Despite their attractive colors and domestication, peacocks do not tend to mix well with other birds or animals and can be quite aggressive around humans if pestered.

If the length of the peacock's wingspan and tail feather train is taken into account, they are some of the largest flight-capable birds on the planet, standing around 6.5 feet tall.