How Many Pets Are Abused Every Year?

Because animals cannot report the abuse they endure and abuse often goes unreported by humans, it is impossible to know exactly how many pets are abused each year according to The Humane Society. Dogs seem to be the most often abused pet, according to the cases that have been reported.

In 2007, statistics based on media reports showed that around 1,880 animal abuse cases were officially reported in the United States. Abuse to dogs made up 1,212 of these cases, and cats suffered abuse in 337 cases. Pit bulls and pit bull mixes are some of the most common victims of animal abuse.

There are two types of abuse inflicted on pets. Passive cruelty is neglect and can range from starvation to doing nothing to prevent the suffering of an animal. Active cruelty is malicious acts intentionally committed to injure or kill an animal.