How Many Miles Can a Hamster Run?


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PawNation cites the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as saying that a hamster can clock up to 6 miles in one night on its wheel. The animal should be provided with a flat-surface wheel without bars that can ruin its run. A hamster needs to run to stay physically fit and healthy.

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While exercising on the hamster wheel, the animal should be well-fed and hydrated. According to the RSPCA, hamsters need sufficient space to play at night. A hamster's energy level usually peaks during the night, so hamsters should be allowed to sleep undisturbed during the day, as that is the only time they can rest. When taking care of hamsters, an owner should provide light inside the room where the animals live at reasonably predictable intervals. Their lives can be enriched further with a deep cover of litter, as the creatures like to dig and create burrows.

A study involving nanogenerators and hamsters showed that the creatures? run could be harnessed to produce electricity, according to ScienceDaily. The hamsters were put in power-generating outfits and made to run on treadmills in an experiment that was shown to produce current. Thus, the creature?s active nature suggested that muscle movements could be harnessed to produce energy.

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