How Many Eggs Do Butterflies Lay?

It is impossible to predict how many eggs a butterfly will lay at any time, as they may lay from one to several batches. Though some species like Gonepteryx rhamni are in the habit of laying a single egg, even 100 eggs have been found on a small bush.

Eggs may be laid by only one female or by multiple females in a sequence. Butterflies have a very short lifespan, and they usually lay eggs within the first few days of their lives. It is not unusual for butterflies to be consumed by creatures, such as spiders. Therefore, they lay eggs as quickly as possible before being devoured.

Mature females are in the habit of laying eggs that are smaller in size, and the caterpillars that are produced from them develop at a slower rate, which leaves them in the peril of being consumed by other predators. Probably due to this reason, the majority of the butterfly species prefer to lay eggs just after copulation.