How Many Chromosomes Does a Monkey Have?

The number of chromosomes a monkey has depends on the species of monkey. The Rhesus monkey has 42 chromosomes, while the Capuchin monkey has 54 chromosomes and the squirrel monkey has 44. Monkeys, such as the silky marmoset, have 46 chromosomes, which is the same number of chromosomes as humans.

All species of Great Ape have 48 chromosomes, which is one more pair than humans. Both monkeys and Great Apes reproduce sexually, giving them a Haploid and Diploid number. The Haploid number is half of the Diploid number. It is the number of chromosomes found in a sex cell, or the number of chromosome pairs. The Diploid number is the number of chromosomes in a cell which is not an egg cell or a sperm cell.