What Is Manx Syndrome?


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Manx syndrome is a genetic disease that affects the Manx breed of cat and is associated with the shortened or lack of tail that this type of cat has. This condition results from the tailless gene of the cat shortening the spine too much and causing serious spinal cord and nerve damage. It most often causes spina bifida and can also cause problems with the bowels, the bladder and digestion.

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What Is Manx Syndrome?
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A smaller than average bladder is indicative of this disease, but it can often be hard to diagnose and may not present for a number of months or until it has negatively impacted cat's life. Death from Manx syndrome can occur quite suddenly, and most cats with this condition only live to be 3 or 4 years old. The longest lifespan that a Manx cat living with Manx syndrome had, as of August 2014, was 5 years of age.

Studies have shown that nearly 30 percent of Manx cats are affected with Manx syndrome, and poor breeding practices are generally to blame. Of the two types of Manx cats, those that are completely tailless and those with shortened tails, the completely tailless Manx is more likely to suffer from Manx syndrome.

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