What Is Mange in Dogs?


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In dogs, mange is a skin disease caused by external parasites called mites that are found on the dog's skin and hair follicles. Dogs typically play host to a number of mites, although mange occurs when the number of mites on a dog's skin multiply rapidly.

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What Is Mange in Dogs?
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There are two types of mange that affect dogs, sarcoptic mange and demodectic mange. Sarcoptic mange, also called canine scabies, is caused by microscopic, oval-shaped mites that easily transfer between hosts. It causes sever itching that results in frantic scratching and restlessness. Other symptoms include hair loss, red skin, body sores and scabs. Sarcoptic mange is usually found on the dog's ears, face, legs and elbows, although it does spread over the entire body in severe cases.

There are three types of demodectic mange: localized, generalized and demodectic pododermatitisis. Localized cases typically cause scaly, bald patches on the dog's face, while generalized cases affect larger areas of the body. Demodectic pododermatitisis, one of the most resistant forms of mange, is typically confined to the feet, and it is often accompanied by bacterial infections.

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