What Mammal Has the Most Teeth?

The mammal with the most teeth is the long-snouted spinner dolphin. This particular species of dolphin has up to 252 teeth, which look like thin, sharp spears.

Mammals are all heterodonts, meaning that they all have different kinds of teeth that each perform a specialized function. Mammalian teeth are categorized into four types: incisors, canines, premolars and molars. Incisors are located in the front of the mouth and aid in cutting and biting through food. Canines, which are located next to the incisors, are sharp and pointed, useful for stabbing into and biting through food. Premolars, which are broad teeth, are located behind the canines. The purpose of the premolars are to crush, grind and pulverize food. Molars, which are large and broad, also aid the premolars in crushing and grinding food.