Where Are Some Maltipoo Shelters?


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While there are no Maltipoo shelters in the United States, a prospective dog owner may be able to rescue a Maltipoo from a standard shelter by searching for the mixed breed on a shelter site such as Adopt a Pet. Small dog rescues, such as Tiny Paws Rescue in Texas, may also house Maltipoo dogs from time to time

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Tiny Paws Rescue focuses on rehabilitating small dog breeds such as Chihuahuas, poodles, Yorkies, shih tzus and Malteses. The American Maltese Association Rescue may also house Maltipoos on occasion, although the rescue organization focuses primarily on purebred Maltese dogs. The Maltipoo is a mixed-breed or hybrid, dog that is part Maltese and part poodle. The breed has not been recognized by the American Kennel Club as of 2015.

Another way to find adoptable Maltipoo dogs is to contact local animal shelters and ask whether the shelter has a Maltipoo available. It is also possible to contact Maltipoo breeders and ask about adopting an older Maltipoo dog. Many breeders allow loving owners to adopt older dogs that they are no longer breeding or showing. These dogs are typically referred to as retired show dogs or retired breeding dogs. Each breeder have his own policies regarding retired dogs, so prospective Maltipoo owners need to contact several different breeders for best results.

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