What Is a Maltese-Terrier Mix?

A Maltese-terrier mix is a dog with Maltese and terrier parents. A dog bred by crossing a Maltese with a purebred terrier of any breed is a hybrid or designer dog. Popular Maltese-terrier crosses include the Silkese, Highland Maltie, Ratese, Cairmal, Morkie, Scottese and Nortese.

Designer or hybrid dogs differ from mixed-breed or mongrel dogs because they have a known, typically documented ancestry. Hybrids are created by mating purebred parents of two different breeds. The goal is to produce puppies with desirable traits from both breeds. A breeder may continue to try to breed puppies with desired traits by breeding hybrids of the same type with each other or either of the parent breeds. Hybrids can be registered with the American Canine Hybrid Club and the Designer Dogs Kennel Club.