What Is a Maltese Chihuahua Mix?


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A dog that is a mix of a purebred Maltese and a purebred Chihuahua is called a Malchi. This small breed is no more than 14 inches in height and weighs between 5 and 12 pounds.

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Malchi dogs have a similar life expectancy to both Maltese and Chihuahuas, which is around 15 years. They have almond-shaped eyes, round-shaped heads and a short muzzle. The Malchi can live in any environment and is a great watch dog. They tend to be black, white, brown or spotted with multiple colors. Their high level of agility makes them excellent at competitive games. Malchi are also highly intelligent, playful and friendly. The Malchi is a great dog to have in homes with children or other dogs.

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