What Are Some Male Tabby Cat Names?

Some male tabby cat names include Bloche, Canoli, Cappuccino, Dapple, HodgePodge, Harlequin, M & M, Max, Oliver, Panther, Patches, Reese, Ringo, Spotty, Scraps, Splatters, Streak, Stripey, Smuze, Tabby, Tabs, Taz, Tigger and Whiskey. These names were all chosen because they have some connection to the brown with black striped tabby coat, such as Max, for "max a million colors," or Cappuccino, because of the brown color.

To choose a name for a male tabby cat, take a look at the coloring and think of names that speak to those colors. It is important to remember, however, that cats do not think of their names in the same way that humans do. They understand the name simply as a sound, so choose one that is easy for them to hear when spoken.