What Are Some Male Pit Bull Names?

male-pit-bull-names Credit: Hillary Kladke/Moment Open/Getty Images

From Rover to Spot, there are myriad options for naming your male pill bull. There are a variety of strategies for selecting a name that suits your pit bull well.

Pit bulls have a bad boy reputation that lends them to names that are associated with that persona. Spike, Bones, Rocko, Rebel, Bandit and Bully all fit the bill.

Choosing a musician's name for your pit bull is invariably a fun way to immortalize your favorite singer. Ozzy, Hendrix, Axel and Ringo are all popular pet names based on famous musicians.

Giving a pit bull a name that is the opposite of their perceived personalities can also be a good strategy for choosing a name. Names like Buttons and Kisses put an ironic and somewhat humorous twist on naming a pit bull puppy.