Why Do Male Dogs Mark Their Territory?


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Male dogs mark their territory as a way to assert their dominance over a certain area or to claim things they feel belong to them. Although territory marking is mostly associated with male dogs, female dogs also mark their territory.

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Why Do Male Dogs Mark Their Territory?
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There are some events that may increase the frequency of territory marking. For example, if a homeowner brings a new pet into the home, dogs naturally feel the urge to mark their territory. Dogs, both female and male, are more likely to mark their territory if they have not been neutered or spayed.

Some male dogs discharge small amounts of urine in certain social situations. For example, some male dogs only mark their territory with urine when they are in the presence of a female dog. Another social situation in which a dog may mark his territory is when confronted with another male dog. Both of these situations may be attributed to the fact that many dogs feel the need to mark their territory when they are overstimulated.

Frequently discharging small amounts of urine is not always attributed to marking territory. Frequent urination in small amounts may be a sign of a urinary tract infection. Such an infection is usually accompanied by excessive licking of the genitalia.

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