What are Malaysian trumpet snails?


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A Malaysian trumpet snail, also called a red-rimmed melania, is a species of burrowing freshwater snail. These snails have a long conical shell that is brown and has red spots. Their scientific name is Melanoides tuberculata. They are native to northern Africa and southern Asia.

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These snails are a useful addition to a freshwater aquarium. They are active at night and live burrowed in the gravel at the bottom of the tank. The snails feed on detritus and leftover fish food in the aquarium as well as algae. They do not harm plants or any other inhabitants in the aquarium. Malaysian trumpet snails can grow up to 1 inch long, and they can live up to two years. These snails are quite hardy and are tolerant of most water conditions, including varying temperatures and pH levels. Unfortunately, they do come with a downside, which is that they breed very quickly. Instead of laying eggs, these snails produce up to 70 live young at a time. If there is abundance of food for these snails, the population will grow. However, if the food supply is diminished, the population will stabilize itself, preventing an aquarium from producing more snails than are needed.

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