How Do You Make a Yorkie's Ears Stand Up?

If a Yorkie has floppy ears, trimming excess hair or taping them may help the ears to stand erect. The pet owner should keep in mind, however, that genetics directly influence how straight the ears stand. The ears usually stand on their own when the pup is between 3 and 6 months old.

Unless a person is showing the Yorkie at dog shows, floppy ears should not be a concern. In most cases, it is not an indication of an underlying medical condition. For aesthetic purposes, there are a couple methods that can help train the ears to stand upright.

  1. Trim excess hair
  2. The ears begin to stand when the muscles have enough strength. If there is too much hair on the ears, the muscles may not be strong enough to hold the ear upright. Trim the excess hair off the top third of the dog's ear. Shave the inside and outside of the ear using clippers.
  3. Tape the ears
  4. Taping the ears gives them a little support while the muscles gain more strength. Shave the ear, as mentioned in step one. Gently fold the ear vertically, which will make it stand straight. Wrap gauze around the base of the ear, and secure with tape. Be sure the gauze is not too tight as to cut off circulation. Leave it on for three days, then remove. Clean the ears and, if necessary, reapply the gauze and tape after allowing the ears to breathe for 24 hours.