How Do You Make a Worm Shocker?

An effective worm shocker can be easily made with a few common household supplies, including an extension cord, electrical tape, wire nuts and a metal rod. Although using electricity to drive worms out of the ground after rainfall can be much easier than shoveling soil, homemade electrical devices carry risks and should not be handled by the inexperienced or those with heart issues.

  1. Gather required materials

    Find an extension cord. If an extension cord is unavailable, buy one at a nearby hardware store. Electrical tape, a couple of wire nuts and a thin metal rod are also required. A tent stake can double as a metal rod.

  2. Modify the extension cord

    Remove the female end of the extension cord with a knife. The female end is where electrical devices are plugged into the cord. Next, strip the insulation approximately 6 inches back on the black wire, which is considered “hot.” The neutral and ground wires must be capped using the wire nuts and then secured with electrical tape.

  3. Wrap the hot wire

    Wrap the hot wire around the metal stake. A liberal amount of electrical tape must also be wrapped around the hot wire and stake to prevent a shock. It is better to use too much tape than to risk an electrical shock. Thoroughly cover at least 3 inches of the device with electrical tape.

  4. Use the homemade worm shocker

    Drive the stake into the earth. Carefully plug it in. If the stake vibrates, the device is functioning correctly. After a few minutes, earthworms begin to surface and can be collected.