How Do I Make a Wild Hog Attractant?


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The best way to make a wild hog attractant varies by location. Hogs often seek out and prefer locally abundant food sources, so what attracts pigs in one area does not always work in other areas. However, most hog attractant recipes feature whole corn as the primary ingredient, with varying amounts of yeast, fruit-flavored drink mix or beer to help increase the pungency of the attractant.

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Hogzilla Lights recommends combining 15 to 20 pounds of whole corn with about 1 pound of cherry-flavored drink mix and one packet of yeast in a large bucket. Add enough water to cover the corn in about 1-inch of water, place the cover on the bucket, and let it sit in a warm location for several days. After giving the mixture several days to sour, it is ready for use.

It may be necessary to alter the mixture if it does not have the desired effect. Mississippi State University states that in addition to corn and other grains, sweet potatoes, overripe fruit and molasses are effective hog attractants.

Raccoons and hogs are often drawn to the same bait. Sometimes, hogs follow foraging raccoons to make things easier on themselves. Accordingly, if raccoons find the attractant being used, wild hogs are likely to find the attractant as well.

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