How Do I Make Whitening Dog Shampoo?

To make whitening shampoo for dogs, combine milk of magnesia, hydrogen peroxide and cornstarch. Mix and apply the paste to whiten the coat of your dog. Rinse the dog well, until the water runs clear, to make sure no shampoo remains on the coat.

  1. Brush your dog well

    Before each bath with whitening shampoo, brush the dog's fur thoroughly to remove dirt so that the shampoo can penetrate the coat.

  2. Make a paste

    Combine equal parts unflavored, white milk of magnesia and 10 to 20 percent hydrogen peroxide, available at beauty supply stores. Thicken the mixture with cornstarch. Make a fresh batch for every bath session as this mixture does not store well.

  3. Apply the paste

    Apply the paste to your dog thoroughly, but make sure the shampoo does not get into sensitive areas like the eyes or ears. For complete whitening, be sure to get the paste evenly distributed, particularly to the harder to reach areas such as under the arms and legs.

  4. Rinse the dog

    Rinse the dog well to remove all paste, and keep rinsing until the water runs clear to make sure no shampoo residue remains. Because the shampoo contains harsh ingredients, failure to rinse well may cause skin irritation.