How Do You Make a Pit Bull Gain Muscle?

In order to help a pit bull gain muscle, it needs to be fed a high-protein diet, be properly exercised and provided with plenty of high-intensity cardio training. Pit bulls build muscle in much the same way as humans.

Feeding a proper, well-balanced diet is the first key to making a pit bull muscular. A dog's diet should consist of the same balance of foods that a human bodybuilder eats. Forty percent of his daily food should consist of protein, another 40 percent for carbs and the remaining 20 percent of his calories should come from fat. Meals should be broken up into four smaller meals each day. There are supplements on the market like pills and protein powder that can help with his dietary needs.

Exercise is the next important step in building a muscular dog. Make exercise fun by using a spring pole or doing some weight pulling exercises. Flirt poles, a weight vest and weight sleds may also be used.

Cardio is important in small amounts. Limit heavy cardio exercises to 10 to 15 minutes per day. Sprinting or running up hills is sufficient cardio. If a dog does cardio for too long, he will burn his muscle, not build it, so keep the cardio short.

Spring poles can be installed for the dog to play with. This allows it to leap and hang, which builds the muscle mass. Pairing the exercise with a high-protein diet is sure to gain the muscles a pit bull needs.