How Do You Make Your Own Worm Farm?


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To build a worm farm, gather two plastic bins, a flower pot, a drill, shredded newspaper and some household food waste. Layer the bins one inside the other, using the flower pot as a divider, and layer the shredded newspaper inside the top bin.

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When selecting the bins, opt for opaque colors, as worms prefer to live in darkness. Select one bin for drilling, and then mark roughly 20 holes in the bottom and a series of holes on all four sides with a pencil. Next, drill the holes to allow proper aeration for the farm. Once the bins are properly stacked, add the newspaper bedding, making sure it is fluffy and approximately as damp as a sponge. If newspaper is unavailable or undesired, substitute corrugated cardboard or even dead leaves.

Add a small amount of the table scraps to the top bin, avoiding products derived from oil or animal products, such as bone, fat, dairy and meat. Try to limit highly acidic foods, but remember that small amounts of mold, such as the blue variety commonly found on lemon peels, may be beneficial for the farm's tiny ecosystem. Select a worm suitable for vermicomposting, such as Eisenia fetida, remembering that 1 pound equals roughly 1,000 worms. You can manipulate the subsequent rate of reproduction through the amount of food you introduce into the farm.

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