How Do You Make Your Own Pet With Animal Planet's Mutt Maker?


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Making your own pet with Animal Planet's Mutt Maker is as easy as clicking and dragging with your mouse. Body parts from different dog breeds are combined to make a new breed. You can add accessories, and enter the new breed in a Best of Show competition.

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Animal Planet's Mutt Maker is an online beta program that allows you to create your own dog breed by mixing and matching the physical characteristics of 20 breeds. To start, peruse the program's database of dogs. Each breed comes equipped with an animated representation and blurb containing facts about temperament. After choosing your favorites, build your dog by selecting a head, legs, body, and tail. Click on the desired part and drag it to the animated log below.

The name of your breed is a combination of the names of the breeds used. For example, a dog with a Basset Hound body, Chihuahua head, Dachshund legs, and a Doberman Pinscher tail is called a Chibassmanshund.

Click on the Viking helmet to switch to the accessories mode. Choose your accessories by clicking and dragging them to your dog. After accessorizing, click on the scroll to complete your Certificate of Legacy and name your dog. A printable certificate is then displayed. From here, you can go back to the menu and create more breeds, or you can enter your mutt in the Best in Show competition.

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