How Do You Make Your Own Live-Bait Tank?


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To make a live-bait tank, drill holes in a five-gallon bucket, attach inlet and outlet fittings, and install a pump to circulate the water. If the output of the pump is too strong, it can cause problems for bait fish. Selecting a smaller battery or switching the polarity of the electrical leads can reduce the output of a bait pump.

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Begin the construction process by obtaining a suitable bucket, PVC cement, and PVC pipe and fittings of the proper dimensions. Drill the water inlet and outlet holes on opposite sides of the bucket, then position the inlet hole at a higher level than the outlet hole. Use a rotating PVC hose fitting for the inlet to ensure easier priming and filling of the tank, and select a basic 90-degree elbow fitting for the outlet.

Assemble and attach the fittings to the bucket, and use PVC cement to create a water-tight seal. Measure and cut a scupper outlet for the bait pump, which allows the pump to drain properly, before attaching pump fittings and mounting the pump in place on top of the bucket. Attach a battery to the motor, and test the tank to ensure tight seals and proper operation.

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