How Do You Make Your Own Honey Bee Box?


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To make a simple honey bee box, called a honey cow, cut a 55-gallon food-grade plastic barrel in half lengthwise. Choose the half of the barrel that contains the bunghole, and thoroughly clean the inside of the barrel using a food-safe cleaner. Then lightly coat the interior of the barrel with high-quality beeswax.

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Build a rectangular wood frame out of 1-inch-by-2-inch lumber that fits around the outside of the cut edge of the barrel. To secure the frame to the barrel, use stainless steel screws and a cordless drill to screw from the inside of the barrel out into the surrounding wood frame.

Use four pieces of 2-inch-by-4-inch lumber that are approximately 40 inches long to create legs for the barrel. Angle the barrel legs outwards so they look like the legs of a sawhorse, and attach the legs to both the frame and the barrel with screws. At this point, the honey cow should look like a cradle.

Cut enough pieces of 1-inch-by-2-inch lumber to cover the entire top of the honey cow and the wood frame widthwise. On the bottom of each piece of lumber, attach a piece of narrow molding that runs most of the length of the lumber slat but is short enough to allow the slat to sit flat against the top of the wood frame. Coat the molding with beeswax; this step encourages the bees to create straight honeycombs.

Make a roof for the honey cow out of tin attached to a separate wood frame that covers the entire top of the honey cow. Slant the roof to prevent the rain from pooling on top. Use bungee cords to attach the roof to the honey cow.

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