How Do You Make Your Own Dog Kennel Building?


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Construct a dog kennel by planning the dimensions and features, selecting materials, and assembling the necessary tools. Consider factors such as location, drainage, weather and how much time a dog is likely to spend in the kennel.

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The size of a kennel depends on how much room is available in the yard and how much time a dog spends outside. Dogs require protection from inclement weather and hot sun, so plans should include a rigid roof or one made of material such as canvas or landscaping fabric. A doghouse is a good idea, but it should not be placed in a corner where a dog might use it to jump the fence. Chain link fencing is a good choice for walls and doors because it's easy to put together, and most home and garden stores sell preconstructed sections. The fencing itself should be buried, or a treated piece of lumber should be buried under the fence to prevent dogs from escaping.

Concrete is not a good choice for flooring material because it can damage a dog's feet over time. Gravel and flagstone strengthen a dog's paws, and a section of grass provides an ideal snoozing spot. Drainage is an important consideration, and it may be necessary to spread a layer of sand at least 6 inches deep. Building a dog kennel requires appropriate tools such as a posthole digger, a level, pliers, a hacksaw and a tape measure.

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