How Do You Make a Nesting Box for a Pregnant Rabbit?


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A rabbit nesting box should be made of plywood and have nesting material such as hay or pine shavings. The material used depends on what the breeder and rabbit prefers.

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A nesting box should be placed in the rabbit's cage on the 28th day of its pregnancy. It can be filled with hay, straw or shredded paper.

  1. Purchase and cut a small piece of plywood and pegboard
  2. Cut a rectangle out of the pegboard big enough for the rabbit to lay on comfortably. Cut the sides and back out of lumber and allow the pegboard to hang out a little so it can be removed easily. Decide if a top is needed.

  3. Make grooves in pegboard
  4. Cut grooves in the pegboard for the sides. This allows the bottom to slide out.

  5. Screw the back and sides together
  6. Use enough screws, approximately eight, to put the box together and slide the bottom on.

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