How Do You Make Love Birds Lay Eggs?

Female love birds will lay eggs with or without a presence of a male but without male intervention, the eggs will be unfertilized and cannot hatch. To successfully breed love birds, make sure the pair is healthy, normal, and old enough to breed. The ideal breeding age for love birds is 1 to 5 years.

The challenge with love birds is not how to make a female lay eggs but in correctly identifying if you have a true pair (a male and a female). One way of determining the sex of love birds is observing their behavior. Adult and sexually mature females have been observed to insert nesting materials under their wings and then placing it in the nest.

Males and younger females have also been noticed to do that but none have the efficiency of the adult females. Another way to distinguish their sexes is to separate a pair and wait and see if the eggs hatch or not, but that method takes time. If you don't want to wait and be 100 percent accurate, DNA sexing is recommended, where blood and feather samples are passed to the testing services and the results will be known in a matter of days. Between five to twelve days after mating, the female lays about 3 to 7 eggs and incubates them for another 23 days.