How Do You Make a Jellyfish Tank?


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Although there are several approaches to making a jellyfish tank, the most straightforward method involves modifying the filtration system of an existing home aquarium. The required supplies are a 5-gallon aquarium with lid light, an under-gravel filter plate with modular air tube, rigid filter tubing, 7 pounds of glass aquarium substrate beads, a small air pump, distilled water and a bag of seawater aquarium salt mix.

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How Do You Make a Jellyfish Tank?
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  1. Attach the light and filter

    Clip the aquarium light to the lid, and set it aside. Place the under-gravel filter on the tank floor, and set the updraft tube in the middle.

  2. Cover the filter plate with glass substrate beads

    Cover the filter plate and aquarium floor with a 2-inch layer of pea-sized glass substrate beads. Place the beads in the tank with your hands to avoid damaging the aquarium and filter.

  3. Connect the rigid air tube

    Run the rigid air tube line between the filter and pump.

  4. Add water and salt

    Fill the tank with distilled water, then add the salt mix according to its package directions.

  5. Smooth the substrate

    Wash your hands, insert them into the aquarium and smooth the substrate bead layer. It is extremely important that the entire filter mechanism is covered in beads because this prevents the jellyfish from being sucked into the filter and killed.

  6. Introduce the jellyfish

    Activate the tank's filter and light, then add your jellyfish. Attach the aquarium lid, and turn on the light.

  7. Adjust the bubbler

    Adjust the bubbler so that it keeps the jellyfish off of the substrate layer but does not push them around the tank.

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