How Do You Make a Homemade Hamster Cage?


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An easy way to make a homemade hamster cage is to solder holes in a lidded plastic storage bin, and place wire mesh over the holes, fastening the mesh with zip ties. This 90-minute procedure requires a large plastic storage bin with smooth interior surfaces, plastic cable ties, wire cutters, heavy work gloves, a paper cone mask and a soldering iron.

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  1. Prepare for soldering

    Bring the bin and soldering iron outside. Put on heavy work gloves and a paper cone mask. Plug in the soldering iron, and take the top off of the bin.

  2. Solder the bin

    Use the soldering iron to create rectangular windows on each side of the bin. Make at least two large windows. Make holes at the corner of each window for fastening the mesh window coverings to the bin later in the process.

  3. Bring the cage inside

    Remove the mask and gloves. Bring the cage and soldering iron inside.

  4. Attach the mesh window screens

    Cut pieces of wire mesh so that they are slightly larger than each window. Place the mesh inside the bin, secure it over the windows with plastic zip ties, and trim the loose ends.

  5. Clean the interior

    Turn the bin upside down, and tap on it to remove dust and soldering debris. Turn it right side up, and snap the lid over the top.

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