How Do You Make a Homemade Dog Water Feeder?

How Do You Make a Homemade Dog Water Feeder?

To create a homemade dog water feeder, the following materials are required: a 2x4 piece of wood measuring 16 inches, a 1x6 piece of wood measuring 12 inches, a 2-liter soda bottle, a dog bowl, two pieces of hook-and-loop tape, three nails, a hammer, a pencil, wood glue and a wood clamp. Spray paint or stain is optional. This project can be completed in three steps.

  1. Glue the wood

    Position the 2x4 piece of wood in the middle of the end of the other board. Once the 2x4 is in place, trace around the base of the smaller board with a pencil. Using the wood glue, secure the 2x4 to the selected location of the 1x6, and fasten it with the wood clamp.

  2. Nail the wood and attach the hook-and-loop tape

    After nailing the 2x4 to the 1x6, place the two pieces of hook-and-loop tape on the 2x4. Use the bottle to determine where the hook-and-loop tape will go. Note that one of the two pieces of hook-and-loop tape should be positioned at the base of the bottle to hold it in place. The location of the neck of the bottle ultimately dictates the height of the water in the bowl. If desired, the wood can be painted or stained.

  3. Fill the bowl

    Fill the bottle with water. Place it against the hook-and-loop tape so that the neck of the bottle faces towards the ground. When the bottle is opened, the water swiftly flows into the bowl. Once the water in the bowl surrounds the tip of the bottle's neck, the flow stops. As the water starts to recede, more water pours forth in order to replenish the bowl. Be sure to place the neck of the bottle deep enough in the bowl to avoid spillage, and do not fill the entire bottle with water, or it might not stay in place on the hook-and-loop tape.