How Do You Make a Homemade Dog Muzzle?

Homemade, temporary dog muzzles can be made from a variety of materials so long as they have sufficient length, such as stockings, ties or other strips of fabric, by tying a knot in the middle then making a large loop. When on the dog the loop should be tied, then the two ends should be tied behind the head.

  1. Safety first
  2. It is better to use a properly manufactured muzzle, although homemade muzzles are needed in some emergency situations. This includes when a dog that normally does not wear a muzzle gets injured. A temporary muzzle protects people and other dogs while help is sought. Never put a muzzle on a dog that is vomiting. Do not leave the dog unattended, and check the muzzle regularly to ensure the dog has not worked it loose. Also, check the dog regularly. If it looks like it is going to vomit, or if it is struggling to breathe, remove the muzzle.
  3. Prepare the material
  4. Long, thin materials are ideal. This includes things like neck ties, belts or stockings. Tie a knot in the middle of the material then make a large loop.
  5. Put on the dog
  6. Place the loop over the dog's nose and tie it snugly. Twist the ends under the nose and then tie them behind the head or ears. The dog will probably try to resist the muzzle, particularly if they are not used to wearing one, so exercise caution.