How Do You Make Homemade Dog Food?

How Do You Make Homemade Dog Food?

How Do You Make Homemade Dog Food?

Homemade dog food can be made by preparing a balance of raw or cooked meat and lightly steamed vegetables. While there are many recipes available, the simplest raw one consists primarily of mixing raw meat with ground vegetables and eggs.

  1. Mix all the ingredients together

    Collect raw meat, ground or pureed vegetables, raw organ meat, apple cider vinegar, garlic, ground kelp, plain yogurt, eggs and parsley. Mix them together, including the eggshells. Be very careful not to add more than two cloves of garlic; in larger doses, it can be toxic to a dog instead of beneficial.

  2. Freeze the food

    Store the dog food in the freezer or the refrigerator. To speed up the defrosting process, separate servings into bags or containers.

  3. Supplement the dog food with raw meat and bones

    Obtain raw meat and bones from a butcher. The raw meat mix comprises 20 to 40 percent of the dog's daily diet, with the remainder of the diet coming from the raw meat and bones to mimic a dog's natural carnivorous diet.

  4. Clean up to avoid contamination and illness

    Wipe down any areas that have come into contact with raw meat, including the food bowl. Although dogs have some resistance to salmonella and bacteria, maintaining good sanitation prevents foodborne illnesses in both you and your pet.