How Do You Make a Homemade Deer Feeder?

How Do You Make a Homemade Deer Feeder?

To make a homemade deer feeder, connect a 3-foot length of 6-inch PVC pipe to a 6-inch wye PVC piece, then cover the top and bottom of the PVC with a cover and attach three eye bolts to the top and either side of the feeder. The PVC pipes can be secured together using primer and a liquid cement adhesive.

Homemade deer feeders can be used to simply feed deer or to bait deer for hunting. Deer baiting is not legal everywhere, so check local hunting rules before putting out deer feeders. Use the following steps to make a simple homemade deer feeder.

  1. Connect a 3-foot length of PVC to a PVC wye piece
  2. For best results, use 6-inch PVC, which is big enough for the deer to stick its nose into.

  3. Cover the top and bottom of the connected piece with rubber covers
  4. The very top and very bottom of the tube should be covered. At this point, there should only be one opening to the piece that is the non-connected end of the wye segment.

  5. Attach three eye bolts
  6. Connect two eye bolts on either side of the feeder, and one on the top. The eye bolts make the feeder able to be attached to a tree using rope or bungees.