How Do You Make a Homemade Chicken Waterer?


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However, several creative ideas for constructing homemade chicken waterers are available at ThePoultryGuide.com. Many of the plans are assembled using materials that are readily available in most homes. Other require buying a few inexpensive materials that are purchased in any home improvement store.

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One simple, economical alternative to prefabricated poultry waterers is featured on HomesteadRules.com. This self-filling watering device requires only a few inexpensive materials. Purchase or recycle a plastic bucket with a lid and a flower pot base that is slightly larger in diameter than the bucket. To construct the waterer, simply invert the covered plastic bucket in the flower pot base. Select a spot below the rim of the base and mark it with a pencil. Remove the bucket and drill a hole at the mark using a 1/2 drill bit. Fill the bucket with water, replace the lid and reinvert in the flower pot base. The pan fills with water when the level falls below the hole.

Regardless of the specific design, chicken waterers tend to have common features. They need to be easy to refill and spill-proof. Also, make sure to use non-toxic materials, such as pvc, plastic or glass, which are safe for animal use.

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