How to Make a Hog Feeder?


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To make a hog feeder, retrofit a 55-gallon plastic barrel with PVC piping to form two long troughs; the pipes serve as storage for feed in between feedings. The supplies needed include a 55-gallon barrel, four sections of three-inch-round, 48-inch-long PVC pipe, four PVC end caps, wire or zip ties and a permanent marker. The project also requires the use of a hand saw, cordless drill, utility knife and tape measure.

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  1. Prepare the barrel
  2. Prepare the barrel for use by cutting it in half lengthwise, which creates two troughs. Use a drill to add holes on the bottom for drainage and to keep the feed inside dry. Around 20 to 25 holes will suffice.

  3. Prepare the PVC pipes
  4. Prepare the pipe by using a utility knife to create four-inch-long slits on each side of the pipe pieces. Use the permanent marker to make marks six inches from the ends of each trough, and then draw vertical lines between each mark. Using a knife, cut a line through the base to connect the marks, and place one PVC pipe on each mark.

  5. Finish the feeders
  6. Thread a zip tie or a piece of wire through the slit, wrapping the wire around the bottom of the pipe and securing it to the trough. Do the same on the other end. Fill the pipes with feed when placed in the hog pen or other area. Use the end caps to cover the ends of each pipe.

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