How Do You Make a Hamster Care Sheet?

How Do You Make a Hamster Care Sheet?

A hamster care sheet should include the basics of caring for the pet, including when and how often to feed the hamster, as well as any specific information about your pet, such as food preferences, exercise routines or if it likes to be handled. A hamster care sheet can be prepared in under an hour if the pet has a familiar routine.

  1. List items needed for care of the hamster

    Hamsters require a cage, bedding, food and water, including a water bottle and food dish, and toys to remain happy. An exercise ball may be included on the list if the pet is being cared for by a friend or relative while the owner is away for more than a few days.

  2. Write down the hamster's feeding routine

    The hamster's feeding routine includes the specifics on how much, and when, to feed the pet. Also, if the hamster takes vitamin and mineral supplements, include information on the dosage used and how often the hamster requires the supplements.

  3. Provide specific pet care instructions

    This can include the type of exercise or play the hamster prefers and when to clean the hamster's cage. If the hamster has any other preferences or handling instructions, include these items on the care list as well. For instance, some hamsters do not like to be held excessively while others may want a good amount of affection.