How Do You Make a Habitat for a Rattlesnake?


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A rattlesnake's habitat depends largely on its species. This type of animal needs a large terrarium to accommodate its size. One side of the container must be warmer than the other to allow the snake to moderate its body temperature. The habitat also needs to provide 12 hours of light, specific humidity levels and hiding places.

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How Do You Make a Habitat for a Rattlesnake?
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Although a rattlesnake cannot be purchased in a pet store, one can be trapped in the wild. Rattlesnakes are found all over North and South America in a wide variety of habitats, from grasslands and meadows to deserts and swamps.

A rattlesnake's saliva glands can be removed to prevent the production of venom. Snake wrangler Jules Sylvester cautions that even without venom, a rattlesnake is still a dangerous pet, able to strike its owner with its fangs. Having worked with over 10,000 rattlesnakes, Sylvester claims that he has never encountered a completely safe or tame one. His favorite, the Western diamondback, is an extremely aggressive species that is responsible for 75 percent of the snakebites in the United States.

Rattlesnakes can grow to be between 1 and 8 feet long. Not all states allow people to keep them as pets, so individuals who plan to bring one home should research and prepare in advance.

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