How do you make a gravity deer feeder?


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To make a gravity-fed deer feeder, attach a 5-foot long, 4-inch wide PVC pipe with a 45-degree angle elbow fitting at the bottom to a post or dead tree, fill with feed, and place a cap on top to prevent mold. Dig a small hole under the bottom spout to accommodate the feed, which is forced by gravity onto the ground as deer or other animals eat it.

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Attach a 45-degree angle elbow fitting at the bottom of a 5-foot piece of 4-inch wide PVC pipe to create a downspout. Attach the pipe to a post with a strap, belt or piece of rope. Create a depression in the ground under the downspout, about the size of a large bowl. Fill the pipe with corn or similar feed, and then place a pipe cap on top to keep the elements out and prevent moisture.

To prevent a deer getting its muzzle stuck in the feeder, do not use pipe larger than 4-inches wide. Pipes as small as 2-inches wide make effective feeders, and reduce the chances of harming the deer significantly.

Do not attach the feeder to a living tree with wire or a strap and nails. If left on for long enough, wires and straps kill trees. If no post is available, attach the feeder to a dead tree instead. Check local laws regarding feeding and hunting wild animals before using the feeder.

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