How Do You Make a Front Sling Carrier for a Small Dog?

Puppies need to be socialized by exposing them to the world, but the world can be a dangerous place for tiny puppies. Carrying puppies or toy breed dogs in a sling carrier can keep them safe from being accidentally stepped on while enjoying their outings. To assemble your own, you need a sturdy piece of cloth and sewing equipment. An experienced sewer should be able to finish the project quickly.

  1. Find a piece of cloth

    The cloth should be about 50 inches long and 25 to 30 inches wide. The length of the cloth determines how low it hangs on the dog owner's body, and the width of the cloth is dictated by how big the dog is. Any kind of material can be used. An old towel or the end of a blanket is ideal. Use lighter fabrics, like cotton, for warmer seasons and heavier fabrics, like fleece and flannel, for warmer seasons.

  2. Sew the sling

    Fold the cloth in half lengthwise. Sew the sides of the cloth to make a pouch in which the dog can sit.

  3. Finish the sling

    The two ends of the pouch can be sewn together so that they are easily lifted over the owner's neck, or the two ends can be gathered and sewn together to create a narrow neck-loop. Alternatively, the ends can be gathered and sewn to narrow strips of cloth that can be tied around the dog owner's neck. This allows you to make the sling longer.