How Do You Make Fox Traps?


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To make a fox trap, dig a bait hole and a hole large enough to hold the trap, covering the trap with a layer of dirt. Place several of these traps in paths traveled by the fox. You will need a shovel, a trap that follows the restrictions of state and local wildlife agencies, a bottle of scent and trap stakes. Digging a trap takes less than 30 minutes.

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  1. Select a location

    Observe common paths taken by the fox. Generally, entrances to fields, watering holes and fence lines are good places to set traps. Choose several locations.

  2. Prepare the trap

    Remove any factory scents from the traps by boiling them in vinegar and water. Alternately, the traps can be buried in slightly damp soil until they begin to rust.

  3. Prepare the bait hole

    Dig an angled hole that is 6 inches deep and 3 inches wide. Place a few drops of the scent at the back of the hole.

  4. Prepare the trap hole

    Dig another hole a few inches back from the bait hole that is 2 inches deep and wide enough to hold the trap. Place the trap in the hole and stake it firmly into the ground. Set the trap, adjusting the tension as needed. Place a thin piece of paper between the jaws and the trap pan to prevent dirt from filling the pan. Lightly cover the trap with dirt.

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