How Do You Make a Farrowing Stall?


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A farrowing stall should be built as an open pen system in a draft-free barn with ample bedding for warmth and comfort. Additionally, a farrowing stall should be built with feeders to provide a sow with clean food and water.

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An open deep bed pen system is a great way to allow sows to farrow comfortably. About a week before her due date, a sow should be separated from other pigs and placed in her own farrowing pen. This allows her ample time to get used to her new surroundings and also allows her immune system to become accustomed to the new microbial environment to keep her and her new piglets healthy.

A farrowing stall should be built in a draft-free barn, with a room temperature of 70 to 75 degrees in the sow's pen and 90 to 95 degrees in the hover. Two inches of bedding should be placed in the bottom of the pen for additional insulation. High-quality bedding materials include wheat straw, grass, twigs or rice hulls. It is essential to keep this bedding very clean, especially after the piglets are born.

After delivery, the farrowing pen is also great for new piglets. Bedding made from straw, grass and hulls provides piglets with warmth, comfort, and a naturally hygienic flooring. It also makes for a stimulating environment for new piglets. They can explore, play and even try out new solid foods by consuming the rice hulls.

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